trading post

Formerly a border fort held by House Rogarvia, the trading post of Oleg Leveton lies at the junction of the South Rostland Road, the New Stetven Road, and the Pitax Trail. The post is in generally poor condition following a decade of abandonment following the Vanishing. It was reclaimed by Oleg and his wife Svetlana under a commission from the Lord Mayor of Restov about a year ago.

The post consists of the following buildings, running clockwise from the gate in the northwest corner of the palisade:

  • The storage pen. A roofed structure without walls except for a low fence, this pen is used to hold fur and other trade goods on a temporary basis.
  • The guest house. Formerly a barracks, this structure consists of a central hall with two large rooms on either side. Each bunkroom could sleep ten people comfortably. The central hall has a message board where the trappers, hunters, and other wanderers of the Greenbelt swap information.
  • Two burned out structures. According to Oleg’s copy of the original plans for the fort, these were the mess hall and another barracks.
  • The commander’s house, now the home of the Leveton’s. The house is divided by a central hall. On the left side, there is a sitting room, a bedroom, and kitchen. On the right side, there is an office and two rooms used for storage. There is an exterior oven and grill with a picnic table on the south side of the house. In front, Oleg has set up a market stall where he normally does his haggling in warmer months.
  • The central keep of the fort, known locally as an ostrog. A four-story wooden tower is at the center of the structure, flanked by two wings that appear warehouse-like. The keep is in poor repair from the decade of neglect.
  • Not really a structure, but Oleg’s refuse heap is the next area clockwise, in the fort’s southwest corner.
  • The stables. Containing room for about a dozen or so horses, the stables are in poor repair but serviceable.

Additionally, there is a well in the center of fort’s grounds.

The palisade itself is in poor condition – it would keep out any large intruder, but there are definitely missing beams that would allow a smaller one to invade. In the northwest and southeast corners, it appears as though the walls were built to allow the later construction of blockhouses. Instead, there is guardtower in each of these corners.

trading post

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