Great Houses

There were seven Great Houses of Brevoy until recently. They are:

House Rogarvia: Founded by Choral the Conqueror, their demense was centered on eastern Rostland. Their former seat in New Steven has been taken over by House Surtova, and their Aldori vassals are growing restless. Their words were “With sword and flame.”

House Surtova: The ruling clan in Issia prior to unification, this house has ruled as Regents of the Dragonscale Throne since the Vanishing. Their demense is located on the northwestern coast of Brevoy, and their seat is known as Port Ice. Their words are “Ours is the right.”

House Lodovka: A house of mariners and fishers whose demense is the northeastern coast of Brevoy, with seat at Winterbreak. Their words are “The waters, our fields.”

House Garess: Located in the mountains south of Surtova, this house is known for its mineral wealth and connections to Brevoy’s dwarven clans. Their seat is Grayhaven, and their words are “Strong as the mountains.”

House Orlovsky: From their mountain stronghold at Eagle’s Watch, this house rules the hill country south of Lodovka but generally seeks to avoid entanglement with the affairs of other houses. Their words are “High above.”

House Medvyed: Known for their devotion to the Old Ways, this house governs the lakes and forests of central Brevoy from their seat at Stoneclimb. Their words are “Endurance overcomes all.”

House Orlovsky: This commercially-oriented house governs the fertile grasslands of eastern Rostland from their seat at Silverhall. Their words are “Success through grace.”

Great Houses

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