In the Dungeons of Ironwolf Keep

Summarized recap:

  • Left the trading post within intentions to raid the Abbey and kill or subjugate the bandits there
  • Avoided a shambling mound en route
  • Discovered the Abbey had been abandoned by the bandits due to a summons by the Stag Lord
  • Scouted the bandits’ new camp at Ironwolf Keep
  • Infiltrated the dungeons of the Keep by scaling the lakeside cliffs and traversing a natural tunnel
  • Made peaceful contact with ambassadors of a lizardfolk tribe, there to negotiate with “Hargulka’s folk”
  • Fought goblin sentries in the dungeon’s entrance hall
  • Investigated the castle’s crypt level but turned back
  • Discovered a hidden cache in the dungeon’s armory
  • Bypassed a gelatinous cube
  • Fought more goblin and bugbear soldiers



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